Donald Trump got dragged on Twitter for committing this fashion faux pas

Twitter users drag Donald Trump on the regular, usually for his denial of climate change, his tone-deaf comments, his support of an inhumane health care bill, and well, the list could go on forever. This time, though, Trump caught Twitter’s ire when he committed a fashion crime: Wearing a mismatched suit.

Now, Trump has shocked the masses (and not in a good way) countless times. He commented on his 1-year-old daughter’s breasts, for instance, and he made disgustingly misogynistic comments about committing sexual assault. Furthermore, he’s made countless remarks about female colleagues’ appearances, and he even ordered female White House staffers to “dress like women.”

It’s therefore insurmountably puzzling that someone so fixated on other’s (i.e. women’s) appearances could do something as negligent as wearing a navy suit jacket with black slacks. Yet that’s exactly what Trump did this week.

People on Twitter were quick to pick up on the fashion disaster.

Cosmo writer Jill Filipovic pointed out that his thoughtless fashion choice could be considered a symbol for his approach to the presidency, too. false

And many were quick to point out that when former President Barack Obama wore a tan suit, Republicans quickly responded with acerbic accusations that a fashion crime had been committed. Many are claiming that Trump’s faux pas is much worse, though.

The hypocrisy was really getting to some people.

And others just wanted to point out that if a president is going to commit a fashion faux pas, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Some glass-half-full-ers, decided to laud Sen. Tim Scott for his impeccable sock choice in light of Trump’s mismatched outfit. false

Sadly, Trump’s suit wasn’t the only White House blunder of the day.

In the photo that featured the mismatched suit, the White House called Sen. Tim Scott, Tom Scott.

It’s all just so much indiscretion for one day. Given the fact that Scott and Trump were meeting to discuss Charlottesville, a crisis to which Trump responded unsatisfactorily, one might think that the president would have attempted to redeem himself. Instead, he dressed carelessly and created a whole other display of his thoughtlessness.

What a mess, sartorially and otherwise.

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