Someone has Photoshopped Donald Trump into Dolores Umbridge from “Harry Potter”

As the race to become the next presidential nominee heats up, so do people’s passions about the nominees. And who is more passion-inducing than Donald Trump? Trump, who recently tweeted over 100 times in the past week alone, was uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter today. This MIGHT have to do with the fact that he had gotten second in Iowa Caucus (trailing close behind Ted Cruz).

However, the world is never without Trump for long. Posted to Imgur today was a newly Photoshopped photo of Donald Trump’s face onto the body of Dolores Umbridge from the Harry Potter series.

And uh, it works surprisingly well. The photo looks all too real, I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to look at Trump the same way again. For those unfamiliar with the specifics of Harry Potter, Dolores Umbridge was the interim headmaster at Hogwart’s, and she was E-V-I-L.

Her cruelty mostly came from her intolerant views on people’s bloodlines and the purity of the magical world — a racial allegory that runs deep throughout the series. Ringing any bells?

No word yet on whether Trump or J.K. Rowling have seen the photo. However, considering Rowling’s response when media outlets were often referring to Trump as “Voldemort,” she might not be too pleased with the association Donald Trump has with Dolores Umbridge.