Donald Trump just called LaVar Ball a “fool” in another insane tweet

In yet another act of Twitter warfare, Trump has directed a second derisive comment at LaVar Ball, the father of one of the UCLA basketball players arrested for shoplifting in China. Trump ripped into Ball, calling him an “ungrateful fool” in an early morning Twitter tirade on November 22nd.

This all began on Sunday, November 19th, when Trump said that Ball should thank him for the release of his son, LiAngelo, from a Chinese jail. Upon not receiving the gratitude he believed he deserved, Trump tweeted, “I should’ve just left them in jail.”

Ball, who is also known for his bombastic personality, refused to thank the president in an interview with CNN on November 20th.

"Did he help the boys get out? I don't know...if I was going to thank somebody I'd probably thank President Xi (Jinping)," Ball said.

In response, Trump took to Twitter and called Ball “a poor man’s version of Don King” — a reference to the famous boxing promoter. He then continued by reiterating that Ball was a fool for failing to thank him.

The three basketball players who were arrested in China all thanked Trump for their release after their return to the U.S.

"To President Trump and the United States government, thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf," Cody Riley, one of the players, said in a news conference on November 15th. "We really appreciate you helping us out."

Trump has not acknowledged the players’ thank you, instead focusing his attention on Ball. Trump’s continued attacks on a player’s father have been met with ridicule. Fox News host Neil Cavuto criticized Trump‘s spat with Ball, saying it was like “using a bazooka to respond to a pea shooter,” and called on him to “act like a president.”

There’s no telling how long Trump will continue his personal vendetta against one of his constituents, but we’re certain there are more important issues the POTUS should be spending his time thinking about.

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