What?! Trump messed up Beyoncé’s name and we’re confused about how that’s even possible

You’re fired. Do not pass go or collect $200. Go straight to a place that rhymes with jail and starts with an H. These are words reserved for Donald Trump, who doesn’t know how to pronounce Beyoncé‘s name. According to Paper Mag, the latest “we cannot believe what Trump said” moment happened during a speech at a North Carolina rally on Monday, in which he criticized Beyoncé and Jay Z for performing at a Hillary Clinton rally.

In a Vine clip that shows the flub, Trump mentions the couple by saying, “In those words that Jay Z said, or that Beyon-see said the other night…”

*sighs in the key of utter exhaustion*

Obviously, we are beyond baffled by the fact that someone so entrenched in celebrity culture can’t pronounce Beyoncé. Seriously, it’s so simple. Rhymes with fiancée, as in BEE-ON-SAY.

And still, this happened:

Ugh. Considering Trump and blatant sexism go hand in hand, it almost feels like he mangled the singer’s name on purpose as some sort of sexist attempt at discrediting her, which would represent yet another huge failure on his part.