Donald Trump bologna art. It’s here. It’s weird.

When you go to create something magnificent, more than likely Donald Trump is not the inspiration behind your hard work. No offense, Donald. Sure, he might be all over the news right now, but are you really keen on artwork in his likeness? Maybe, maybe not. Or maybe you’ve just created his face in a piece of deli meat for the best Donald Trump art we’ve seen to date.

Instagram user BolognaMami has done just that. Why use crayons, or ink, or even paint when you can carve Trump’s mid-yelling angry face into a piece of turkey bologna? This is honestly how all art should happen.

As to why the artist carved Trump’s face into bologna (but let’s be real with ourselves, no reason is really needed), she explained to HelloGiggles, “I had just finished watching the news and when I opened up the fridge instead of making a sandwich I made Donald’s face.” Sounds like a perfectly good reason to hold off on lunch. The whole thing took only 15 minutes to make, and the tool for this was nothing more than a kitchen knife. The end result? Nothing short of a masterpiece.

You’ve gotta admit, it looks like him. See?

This is so far the best — and yes, also first and only — Trump bologna artwork that we’ve come across. Hopefully there’s way more where this came from, because there are a whole lot of Trump facial expressions that need to end up in some bologna.

Image via Instagram, Shutterstock

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