Donald Trump finally got the “Arrested Development” treatment, and it’s glorious

Scrolling through twitter during one of the Presidential Debates, you’ve probably seen the same joke told a million different ways: Donald Trump says ~something~ and then an off-screen unseen narrator goes, “Nope.” It’s the style of Arrested Development, a show gone too soon from this world (but it’s coming back, again, don’t worry).  Reading these tweets, it’s hard NOT to imagine Ron Howard narrating the debate.


In one of those “ask and you shall receive” situations, this idea has finally become a reality. It was honestly only a matter of time  before someone got around to putting these two things together.  While we really don’t want to mix Trump with anything else in the world, when it’s Trump + Arrested Development, we’re okay with it. Because we’re laughing a lot.

Created by YouTube user NeverCaesar, we’ve got some of Trump’s *best* quotes — ones that are easily disproven — and he’s being kept in check thanks to Ron Howard’s sweet, soothing voice.

Even though we actually want this election to be over right now, and the thought of sitting through another trainwreck Presidential Debate makes us want to pull our hair out and scream into the void, if this Trump-rested Development continues, we’ll be okay.