Now there’s a plaque of dishonor marking the spot where Donald Trump bragged about grabbing women

Imagine that somewhere in the world, there exists a plaque to dishonor a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women. Now imagine that same man was elected President of the United States. It’s true: Someone made a plaque to dishonor Donald Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood comments. Because as horrible as his words were, we should never forget that he said them.

Our current president says many outlandish, disrespectful things. Last week, Trump told Myeshia Johnson, the pregnant widow of a U.S. Army Sgt killed in Niger earlier this month, that her husband “knew what he signed up for.” Earlier this month, he imitated a Puerto Rican accent while speaking about Hurricane Maria. Not a good look.

Trump says disrespectful things so often that it’s hard to remember all of them.

However, now his infamous “grab them by the pussy” remark is memorialized forever. The Legends of Tomorrow showrunners installed a plaque in the parking lot of NBC’s studio in Burbank, California. They posted it at the exact spot where Trump spoke those disgusting words to Billy Bush on Access Hollywood.

But it didn’t last long.

Phil Klemmer, the show’s executive producer, tweeted an update. Apparently, it took studio executives only 15 minutes to take down the plaque.

But hey, at least the plaque lives on via social media. We hope a pretty embellished plaque isn’t the only way people remember the truth that remains.

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