Donald Trump “60 Minutes” interview tonight will be a must watch for a few reasons

Donald Trump will appear tonight on 60 Minutes, and it’s shaping up to be a memorable episode. This is his ninth appearance on the show, and his first extensive interview following his shocking and highly controversial Election Day victory. Which is exactly why Trump’s 60 Minutes interview on his plans for his presidency is a must-see for a few reasons. Trump sat down with reporter Lesley Stahl, alongside wife Melania and several of his children, to discuss the ins-and- outs of the election and what to expect from the next four years regarding immigration, Obamacare, and Twitter. Here’s why it’s worthwhile to tune in, even if your political stance is the polar opposite of Donald Trump’s.

Trump shares his thoughts on immigration.

Those claiming the president-elect would tone down his rhetoric after winning are in for a big surprise; Trump is determined to deport 2 to 3 million undocumented immigrants as soon as he enters office. And that wall we all heard so much about over the past few months? It’s still on, whether Mexico likes it or not.

He says he’ll exercise restraint.

When discussing his penchant for Twitter, of course. This comment might raise some eyebrows, given his energetic Tweeting regarding the protests that have been popping in the wake of his win. Then of course there’s his ongoing feud with The New York Times

He’s still on the fence about Obamacare.

Although Trump says that he’s willing to consider keeping parts of the universal healthcare plan (including helping those with preexisting conditions and young adults 26 and under), the system is in for a major overhaul. He intends to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, but we don’t know just what that means yet.

Whether the interview touches on the mounting protests against him remains to be seen. Fans of the president-elect will no doubt tune in to revel in his victory; opponents, on the other hand, should stay informed to know exactly what they are standing against.

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