These Jenna Maroney “30 Rock” quotes paired with Donald Trump will make you lol for days

Some things in life are inevitable, like the sun setting in the West, and cookies and cream being delicious, and also Jenna Maroney quotes being attributed to Donald Drumpf. It’s about time the latter one happened.

In what is by far our favorite mashup of the week, one savvy Tumblr user has started mashing together 30 Rock quotes from our favorite The Girlie Show With Tracy Jordan star, Jenna Maroney…with Donald Drumpf images. Say hello to Donald Maroney dot tumblr dot com.

You’re probably thinking, “lol, that’s funny” BUT JUST YOU WAIT. This is actually Grade A hilarious, and it’s hard to believe we’ve made it like 45 months into the election cycle without this.

If you know and love 30 Rock, this is absolutely perfection. Jenna was, to put it nicely, ~kinda out there~ as a complete exaggeration of what it meant to be a diva. Surprisingly enough, we’ve learned that Donald Drumpf kinda is, too!!

Scrolling through these, it’s honestly hard to be like “Wait a sec, DID the Republican Presidential nominee actually say this, or is this from Season 7, Episode 7, ‘Mazel Tov, Dummies’?” You decide.

Hopefully you’re giggling to yourself about these right now, because they’re all ?. You can check out all the DonaldMaroney images here. Now let’s wait patiently for someone to start attributing Liz Lemon quotes to Hillary Clinton.

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