To celebrate landing the role of Lando in Solo, Donald Glover bought and ate an entire pizza

We all have our go-to ways to celebrate big news. Maybe we get our friends together and celebrate, maybe we have a champagne toast, or maybe we indulge in one of our favorite treats. It’s different for everyone, and whether your method of celebrating is surrounding yourself with loved ones or indulging in something fun, it’s all about remembering that big moment and physically doing something to mark the occasion. For Donald Glover, that meant ordering and consuming an entire pizza.

Sure, for some of us, ordering a whole pizza and eating it all ourselves might constitute a bit of a sloppy day, but this was definitely a victory lap for Glover. This pizza sesh came fresh off the heels of finding out he would get to play the iconic character Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

A huge Star Wars fan himself, Glover knew the stakes of taking on this role that was originated by the unforgettable Billy Dee Williams. So, to celebrate and to begin some preliminary research, Glover celebrated the exciting news in a way that would warm any extremely introverted person’s heart. He bought himself a pizza and settled in to watch The Empire Strikes Back. Glover talks a bit about it all in an interview with The Star Wars Show, which starts about four minutes into the video below.

And while it’s hilarious that he celebrated such a monumental moment in his acting career in such a low-key way (and terribly relatable to this hardcore introvert), it also makes us even more excited to see him as Lando. The reason being (and something Glover also mentions in the interview) that as a fan of Star Wars himself, he was very careful in his performance to not do something that would annoy him as a fan of Lando and the Star Wars universe.

Ultimately, Glover loves this story just as much as we do, and he wants to be sure his portrayal of Lando shows that. So even though it’s funny to hear that his first move post-Lando casting was to watch Empire, we love that he immediately went to Billy Dee Williams’ original performance to get in the right headspace.

But ultimately, we think it’s just the best that Glover celebrated his introduction into the Star Wars universe with a pizza toast to himself. Because honestly, we’re pretty sure that’s how we’d celebrate such huge news, too. We can’t wait to see Glover officially become Lando when Solo hits movie theaters on May 25th.

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