Yvette Nicole Brown and Gillian Jacobs have heart-eyes for days when talking about their “Community” costar Donald Glover

Recently, HelloGiggles was lucky enough to peek in on a charity livestream benefitting Donors Choose at Skybound Entertainment in partnership with Live.me, hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown with very special guest Gillian Jacobs. Community fans probably know them best as Shirley and Britta, NBD. We sat down to talk to them and couldn’t help gushing about their uber-talented friend and former Community costar, Donald Glover — who is actually in a freaking Star Wars movie and we can’t get over it.

We all know Donald Glover is talented. He’s a rapper, a comedian, an actor. Basically, he can do it all. And his former Community cast members totally agree. Yvette and Gillian said they both knew Donald would be a star. But how?

For Yvette, it comes down in part to his time management skills:

“He uses time very efficiently. And we joked about this [during the stream]. Well, I did. Because Gillian uses time efficiently too. I really don’t. If I was able to figure out how to mine as much out of a day as Donald does, I’d be Einstein. You know? I’d be Steve Jobs.”

She even told us about times on the set of Community when he’d be writing his Childish Gambino albums between takes. Oh, and there’s a few other things Yvette noticed about Donald:

“He hardly sleeps. His mind is always going. He doesn’t limit himself to one pursuit.”

Gillian agreed that he is multi-talented:

“He’s just effortlessly talented at so many different things. I had not really met somebody like that. He’s also incredible at drawing. He’s like an amazing artist. He can dance. He can sing. He can act. He can write. He can really do whatever he puts his mind to. So, it’s just incredible to be around him.”

Speaking of Donald’s talents, Yvette has one you might not have known about:

“Donald even bakes! First season [of Community] for a crew gift he brought in like mini sweet potato pies. That he baked. There’s nothing in the creative realm that Donald Glover cannot do well.”

And according to Yvette, there were a few times on Community where the writers would just leave room in the script for Donald to be funny. Because they knew he could.

“There were times when they knew that they could just let Donald be Donald and it would be great.”

Gillian also mentioned just how hilarious Donald is:

“He’s one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life. He can make you [laugh] so hard you pee your pants.”

It’s also pretty cool to hear that Donald is just a nice dude. We all love to see nice guys succeed, and Yvette says being an awesome person is part of the reason he’s been successful:

“He’s also humble and kind. So when you put that level of talent and you mix it with humility and kindness, you can’t help but rise.”

*sigh* Donald Glover is special. Gillian notes the same:

“Every once in a while you meet a person who’s just effortlessly talented in six, seven different things and Donald Glover is one of those people.”

Thank goodness we have Donald Glover in our lives. We can’t wait to see him in the upcoming Spider-Man movie, The Lion King, the Young Han Solo Movie...and wherever else his talent takes him in the future.