Donald Glover hinted that he’s giving up Childish Gambino

During the course of Donald Glover’s career, he’s worn pretty much every kind of hat. His acting career has evolved from Community to Atlanta to the new Star Wars franchise. He’s also continued rapping and performing as Childish Gambino, with third album Awaken, My Love! being his biggest hit yet.

But during his performance at this year’s Governor’s Ball, Glover hinted that his tenure as Gambino may be over soon.

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His set was full of revelations, including perhaps the first official confirmation of Glover’s baby son’s name: Legend. He also, per Complex, riffed on the “Redbone” meme born out of his Awaken song’s popularity.

But he saved his biggest revelation for last. As he left the stage of his Childish Gambino set, Glover bid the crowd: “I’ll see you for the last Gambino album.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean that he’ll stop making music. It doesn’t even mean that Childish Gambino as a performance persona is done forever either. But at least in the way that fans know him now, Glover has other stuff on his plate. Along with the aforementioned TV work, he’s also going to be in the Han Solo spin-off and a new Lion King remake. With that more work ahead, it makes sense for Glover to reshuffle his career, but most likely, he won’t be out of the music game for too long.