Domino’s wants to deliver pizzas by reindeer and this is the strangest idea ever

One of your favorite pizza chains is taking their holiday spirit to an entirely different level. According to Eater, Domino’s wants to deliver pizzas by reindeer. Seriously, if a Domino’s Pizza in northern Japan has its way, the antlered animals will be carrying pizza pies on their backs and dropping them off at customers’ doorsteps.

According to RocketNews24, the plan to train reindeer as pizza carriers is really based on practicality, even though it sounds outlandish. Apparently, the area in which reindeer delivery has been proposed is anticipating a harsh winter, which will likely make driving more difficult or impossible. In addition to using reindeer, Domino’s also wants to implement snowmobile delivery as an additional option.

According to the company’s press release, customers will be able to track deliveries via a GPS tracker attached to the backs of the reindeer. Further details about this proposal will be available on Dec. 1, but for now animal handlers are performing trial runs on an iced-over driving school property in the city of Ishikari.

Oof. Here’s to hoping snowmobiles get the job done because this idea honestly looks brutal for all involved.