Stop everything: Domino’s is giving out a pizza-shaped gold and diamond engagement ring today!

No matter how hard you look, it’s super tricky to find the right engagement ring. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could all just wear a ring that promoted something we know and love, like you know, cheesy pizza? Trust us, this WILL make sense in a second.

Because Domino’s unveiled a 22-carat gold pizza engagement ring for Valentines Day! For realz.

Yeah, you wouldn’t assume that many people propose to their loved ones over food, let alone a box of deliciously greasy pizza, but apparently they do — and Domino’s knows exactly how to capitalize on this tradition. And for a pizza ring, it’s actually pretty good looking!

In order to get one of these bad boys, Domino’s has invited pizza lovers who propose this week to comment on the thread and then a winner “will be picked at random from valid entries.” Sweet deal if you ask us.

All this talk of pizza is making us hungry. The solution is therefore obvious.

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via giphyAnd if you’re not looking to get engaged just yet, but you’re on the prowl for other pizza-related things, you are in luck! Pizza-themed accessories are available, and who wouldn’t want pizza sunglasses or a pizza flip-flops? Embrace that love of pizza, we say! P.S. there’s nothing wrong with being kinda weird.

Seriously, this pizza engagement ring made our Valentine’s Day complete. We’re gonna go eat some yummy pizza now while we contemplate the sheer awesomeness of this surprising world.

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