Here’s why this Domino’s driver got an incredible $1400 tip

Good things can happen at the most unexpected times and in amazing ways. Just ask Audrey Martin, who one second was delivering 10 pizzas to a local church, and the next was coming home with an incredibly generous tip that is going to go a long way for her this holiday season.

Martin, a single mother with three children under the age of five, works as a delivery driver for Domino’s pizza. This past Sunday she was out working when she made a stop at a nearby church. Little did she know, the pastor at the church, Tony McAfee, had previously called the Domino’s and asked if they had any employees who could be in need of some high spirits.

“I didn’t know how huge this would be,” McAfee told ABC News. “I did not know all of her story. I just thought it would be nice to surprise somebody with a huge tip.”

McAfee has been doing a teaching series on generosity, and thought seeing it actually in action would be good for the church. “When I mentioned [to the church] we wanted to give this lady a generous tip, people began to run,” He continued. “[Everyone] began to throw money on the platform. And they’ve never seen this lady before in their life.”

Unbeknownst to McAfee, Martin had just recently lost her apartment and had been living with her mother. The donation from the church wasn’t simply a gesture in generosity, but something that was going to go a HUGE way in helping her get back up on her feet — and give her the means to buy some presents for Christmas.

“It just makes me feel so blessed,” she added. “I always give to people. I never ask for anything in return. It’s just a shock that I have received this, especially in my need when everything is hard right now.”

“So many people got up [to donate]. They started hugging me, it was just awesome. I couldn’t help but cry. It was just amazing.” In the end, Martin walked away with a tip of about $1,400 and a gesture of generosity she’s not going to forget anytime soon. Neither are we.

(Image via Twitter.)