This sassy dolphin really didn’t want its picture taken, proves it’s just like all of us

We’ve all been at that big family event, social function, or school picture where we’ve really not wanted to have our picture taken. In fact, there have been multiple occasions where we would’ve liked to have thrown a tantrum and grab the camera, destroying all the pictures.

Sometimes we do feel like we’re that episode of Friends where Chandler just cannot smile.


It seems we’re not the only ones who dislike having our picture taken, too, as this incredibly hilarious dolphin shows.

It seems that while visiting Seaworld, Orlando, one woman had her iPad snatched out of her unsuspecting hands by one sassy dolphin who was not feeling having their picture taken.

Kuadiel Gomez, a season ticket holder at the attraction, managed to capture the whole thing on camera. “That dolphin just lunged and reached the lady, which was unbelievable,” he said to Fox 13

Seriously, this dolphin is actually all of us.


Omg, we know we shouldn’t be laughing but this is pretty funny. That poor woman doesn’t look impressed AT. ALL.

In the video uploaded to Facebook, the crowd can be heard screaming, and at the video what we’re assuming is a SeaWorld employee saying, “As you can see, the dolphins can reach your loose items.”

Let’s just watch that dolphin get sassy one more time.


Incredible. You keep doing you sassy dolphin.

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