Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors” is gonna be a TV movie!

So, it looks like NBC will be taking a detour to Dolly World!

Just yesterday, NBC announced that they’ll be adapting Dolly Parton’s 1971 hit, “Coat of Many Colors” into a TV movie. This movie is the first in a series of films from NBC about Dolly’s life and songs. When the announcement of this Dolly-movie-series was originally made, NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt backed it saying, “I don’t know anyone in the world who doesn’t love Dolly Parton, and the idea of developing television movies inspired by her incredible life and the stories she has sung about for decades is exciting to all of us at NBC.” Us too, Mr. Greenblatt.

In honor of the “Coat of Many Colors” movie announcement, Dolly hit the stage at Monday’s press event to sing her legendary hits “I Will Always Love You” and “Coat of Many Colors” (of course).

Although Parton is already slated to executive produce the project, rumor has it, she may be starring in the adaptation as well. She told People back in March,

Of course we would LOVE if Dolly acted in the movie. She has already been in some movies we absolutely adore, like Steal Magnolias, and Nine to Five. *Swoon*

“Coat of Many Colors,” which Dolly wrote on the back of a dry cleaning receipt in 1969, tells the story of Parton’s mother stitching Dolly a “Coat of Many Colors” from all different scraps of fabric — they had no money, winter was coming, and young Dolly needed a coat.

In spite of being mocked by her classmates for wearing the coat, Dolly insists that the coat made her feel rich because of the “love [her] momma sewed in every stitch.” HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS SONG?!

The TV movie is set to air on NBC next season. Until it airs, we take no issue with listening to “Coat of Many Colors.” On repeat. Of course.

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