Of course Dolly Parton had a perfect response to the transgender bathroom bill

Dolly Parton is our hero, obvs — not only because she’s a musical goddess, but because she stands up for what’s right, time and time again. Last week, in just 14 seconds, she did it by shutting down bigotry surrounding the extremely controversial transgender bathroom bill passed by North Carolina Governor Matt McCrory back in March.

In an interview with CNN Money posted last Friday, Dolly addressed North Carolina’s House Bill 2, which requires transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond with their biological sex rather than the gender with which they identify. And as always, Dolly was totally on point with her answer.

I think everybody should be treated with respect,” she said in the video. “I don’t judge people and I try not to get too caught up in the controversy of things. I hope that everybody gets a chance to be who and what they are.

Preach, Dolly, preach! But she didn’t stop there. She also added as aside: “I just know if I have to pee, I’m going to pee — I don’t care where it’s going to be.”


Oh, Dolly, could you *be* any more rad? Thanks for standing up for the important issues in your own fabulously classy way.

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