We just discovered this Dolly Parton t-shirt exists, and now we need it

Make no mistake — Dolly Parton is a goddesses among us mere mortals. She’s a Grammy-winning, singer-songwriter with an incredible film resume, an amusement park named after herself and style that is envied by us all. If only us normal human beings could have just a TOUCH of her amazingness! I say, the next best way to invoking Dolly’s magic is keeping a little representation of her around. How? With a cool t-shirt illustrated with the Iron Butterfly herself!

Here’s what you do: First, make a Dolly Parton Spotify megamix. Cook up a greasy southern dish, something that isn’t “too pretty,” as the songstress once said she could not tolerate overly cute food. Invite your girlfriends to watch 9 to 5 on Netflix, and have a Dolly-inspired craft ready to go! For instance, if anyone knows how to embroider, you can stitch one her famous quotes on pillowcases! Some suggestions: “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!” and “Find out who you are. And do it on purpose.” I WISH I knew how to embroider just for that!

Of course, you should be wearing this shirt by You Were Swell. The light pink tee is silkscreened with an original illustration of Dolly and all of her different hairstyles. Isn’t it perfect for a day of Dolly worship?

Dolly Parton light pink shirt, $20

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Product shots via Etsy.

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