Let’s carry Dolly Parton around with us every single day

Going to Dollywood is on my dream list. For the Dolly newbies among us, Dollywood is the Dolly Parton theme park that Dolly Parton herself, woman of music and magic, built in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Can you imagine being so unabashedly fabulous that you just go ahead and build a whole theme park in your own honor, like it’s no big deal? Life goals, people.

My Dolly Parton love is deep, and real, and true and sometimes I’ll do a search on Etsy or eBay just to seek out some new Dollywood memorabilia in the hopes that owning a Dolly Parton-themed trinket will make me less depressed about not spending the day in her kingdom, AHEM, queendom.

Thankfully, The Iron Butterfly (that’s a nickname for Dolly, swear to god) heard my cries and launched an online store sometime last year and there is just so much Dolly wonderfulness to choose from.

There’s a cute bandanathis pink hoodie that you’ll see me sporting while I’m doing toe touches in the park, and even a butterfly Dolly koozie to hug your can of Diet Coke. But for practical everyday Dolly-worship, I’ve got my eye on this amazing tote. Would this not make the best laptop purse/ grocery bag/ gym bag ever?! It is perfection in a bag. It is only $20. It will make schlepping my stuff around feel like an absolute honor because I will be carrying it all in a bag adorned with Dolly’s beyond-celestial mug.

If I were Oprah, I would gift you all this Dolly Parton tote. Since I’m not Oprah I’l just tell you that this might be the best bag I’ve ever seen. End of story. Keep putting amazing things on your merch site, Queen Dolly, please and thanks.