Dolce & Gabbana just introduced us to our favorite new models

Whoever said that youth is beauty better take it up with the world’s most prestigious fashion house, Dolce & Gabbana. The label’s design duo recruited three of the most beautiful, if unlikely, models for their spring 2015 ad campaign.

Photographed by Domenico Dolce, the ad pays homage to the designers’ roots by featuring three lovely, mature Italian women posing in black lace jackets from the latest collection, along with rose-trimmed tiaras and some bejeweled baggage, like it ain’t no thing.

The sheer existence of these pictures proves that you don’t have to be a teenager to represent beauty and grace today, even though that concept seems pretty foreign if you’ve ever flipped through a magazine. Even though the campaign also features younger models, including the ageless Claudia Schiffer, these three stylish ladies are the best part about D&G’s newest campaign. They also drive home the point that fashion may be expanding its definition of beauty.

All in all, been a good year for advanced style: In September, 86-year-old model Daphne Selfe landed a major fashion campaign for the UK’s Intu Trafford Centre. That same month, 83-year-old fashion legend Carmen Dell’Orifice posed for the pages of Bazaar. Meanwhile, the star of The Row’s recent lookbook (that’s Mary Kate and Ashley’s line, FYI) was a stunning 65-year-old woman. Even American Apparel, known for its underage-looking models, made a huge leap by featuring a 62-year-old beauty in a recent campaign.

“We don’t live in such a youth-based culture as we did 50 years ago,” fashion photographer Nick Knight told The Guardian earlier this year, for a story on fashion’s more mature trend. “The Internet is where most people get their fashion information from now, and we’re seeing all manner of different cultures and values.” D&G’s latest ad is another step towards knocking down the rigid standards of beauty so integral to the fashion industry. It’s time we give more props to those stylish, seasoned women, who are so secure in their own skin, they don’t even need to pose for the camera. Fashion-zealots, take note. These ladies are where it’s at.