Dogs who are way too sleepy to live their lives

Ever notice how sleepy dogs are, like, ALL THE TIME?! What are they so busy with that they get so very tired? It’s a question for the ages and one we’re not here to answer. What we’re here to do is to show you how very sleepy some dogs can be.

“Eh.. not a pillow, but it will do.”

 “If I can sleep kinda squinty-eyed like thiiiiissss…maybe they’ll just think I’m going for a Clint Eastwood thing…”

 “I’m done.”

“This looks like a good place to pee…errr…nap…”

“Of course I’m still listen…inggg…zzzzz….”


 “This is a great apartment you’ve got here.  Great location.  Great kitchen.  Great cooouuuucccchhh…”

 “TREAT! Treat! Treeaaaattt…”

 “Hmm.. I like this new pillow.”

 “This one’s good, too.”

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