This adorable experiment lets dogs take pictures of their owners for a change

I have at least 1,456,734 pictures of my dog on my phone. That may seem excessive and entirely unrealistic, but it’s more or less true. I may have rounded up.

I take pictures of my dog all day long, because she’s always being adorable and doing funny things. And I know I’m not the only dog owner who can’t stop taking pictures of their dog. It’s just too hard not to capture all the moments we share together. Because we just love them so hard.

But what if our dogs could take pictures of US? That’s the subject of an advertisement done by Mars Japan, which produces some of the country’s most well-known pet foods and pet care products. The company created a beautiful ad campaign that brought in several families to be photographed, but first each family discussed how much they love and adore their dogs. The families weren’t aware that their dogs would be the photographer, or the “phodographer.”

Their reactions are so completely joyful, they couldn’t help but smile in a way they never had before for a picture. The images, of course, turned out perfect. And Mars drives home their message with, “Nothing can make us smile more than our dogs,” implying that humans must provide the best care for the animals that make us smile the most.

We’re not entirely sure how the families didn’t know their dogs had been taken and trained to phodograph them, but either way, the sentiment is lovely.

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