This dog’s super chill mannequin challenge is ridiculously good and puts all of our human efforts to shame

As canines go, you have your overly excited, unruly ones that wreck everything in sight, and then there are the extraordinarily disciplined pooches like this super chill dog that did the mannequin challenge so ridiculously well, it puts all of our human efforts to shame. For real, y’all: Put the kibosh on any plans to do the challenge because this unbelievably poised animal just dropped the mic on social media’s newest craze and ended us all.

Shared by Twitter user Ryan T, the video shows Boston the Boxer holding still better than the 4-year-olds who did the mannequin challenge while adorably squirming the entire time. He starts out seated at a table, then the next scene shows Boston with his front paws propped up on the kitchen counter as if he’s actually about to do the dishes. Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised he actually does chores because he’s obviously extremely well-trained. false

How about those dad hat and Doritos poses, though? Our minds are blown at the fact that a dog held all these poses without moving a muscle. Well, except for his eyes but that’s beside the point.

Google describes the boxer’s general temperament as calm but we have questions for Ryan. Is Boxer generally mellow AF or does he just love being in front of the camera? Seriously, dogs are amazing and all but they just don’t do this type of shit every day. It’s EXTRAORDINARY, WE TELL YOU.

Someone find us a doggie throne and a staff because we’ve officially crowned this animal the pro of the mannequin challenge.