These dogs stole towels off a laundry line, and their human busted them in the act

Who wants to use a freshly laundered towel only to discover the faint scent of…dog? If you’re a member of a canine species, you probably wouldn’t mind the odor. But when it comes to these dogs that stole laundry off a clothing line, we’re pretty sure whoever owned these washcloths would rather not walk around reeking of eau du canine drool.

These dogs probably didn’t mean any harm, but then again, pets are known to destroy stuff on purpose, so maybe they were trying to get back at their human for hiding their beloved stuffed animals.

Seriously, we’re trying *really* hard here to make a case for these pups. Sure, they technically trashed these towels, but at least they worked together! They could’ve spent the entire time fighting over their finds, like some less evolved dog co-conspirators.

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Instead, they collaborated beautifully, a fact that was evidently news to their human, Angela Cipriano of Sydney, Australia. As Storyful reports, she knew one of her dogs was responsible for her not-so-fresh towels, but she had no idea which was the sticky-pawed culprit until she saw footage that captured both animals making chew toys out of her laundry.

Hmm… we wonder if Cipriano’s dogs realize that they’ve been busted and outed to the world? We could totally imagine them dropping their heads and giving that guilty look of a dog that’s done something bad.

We’ve seen dogs do some pretty wacky things to their humans’ belongings, but we have to sit back and marvel at their ability to make wreaking havoc on Cipriano’s laundry look like a fun game that dogs everywhere should try. (Note to dogs everywhere: Just…don’t.)