This dog does not appreciate human’s BS attempt to throw a ball

If looks could kill…

This gorgeous Siberian Husky would like to remind everyone just how uncool it is to try and fake out your dog.

His name is Anuko, and he belongs to Jasmine Milton, who pretended to throw a ball and then captured his expression on film. Needless to say, Anuko was not amused when he realized what was up. In Jasmine’s series of photos, which she posted on Twitter, we see the poor dog go from calm to elated to distinctly unimpressed.

Anuko has had the last laugh, though. The news of his betrayal has gone viral. His face is popping up in news stories all over the Internet. Yesterday Jasmine tweeted, “I think the fame has got to my dogs head. He’s currently taking up 90% of the bed space instead of his usual 80%.”

Good for you, Anuko. Sweet dreams!

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