16 chic dogs posing like supermodels

If Zoolander taught us anything, it’s that the world of modeling is not easy. Capturing that perfect moment where the model and photographer are completely in sync to really tell a tale without words is extremely difficult. And while we all wish we had that level of talent, these dogs have effortlessly achieved supermodel status by simply being themselves.


1. Every model needs a good beach shot either for a full body pose…

2. …or for a totally perfect close-up.

3. Good models know it’s all about finding the right light.

4. Conspicuous shades are a must.

5. Supermodels aren’t afraid to show off their assets.

6. And they look like total rockstars when they hang backstage.

7. This looks like it’s plucked right out of a fall catalogue.

8. Good models know their hair always has to be on-point.

9. Supermodels excel at the use of shadows to create a more pensive, B&W shot.

10. Wet Hair + Action Shot = Total Pro

11. A good model knows how to flawlessly frolic in the flowers.

12. This diva made excellent use of their body with an elegant arm choice.

13. This picture says, “I’ve got my sweater, hoodie, and poop bag. Ready for anything.”

14. Nailing that “blue steel.”

15. If you don’t want to be photographed without makeup, you can always sport some stylish shades.

16. Modeling isn’t always so serious! Even models crack up between takes.

Clearly these gorgeous dogs have this modeling thing on lock.