This is just a casual video of a dog farting non-stop, nothing to worry about

Because a hearty laugh is always welcome, here’s a funny flatulence story. As The Daily Dot reports, Twitter user Billy Howard shared a video of his dog’s non-stop farting that sounds absolutely unreal. Um, is he sure his dog is responsible for this incessant expelling of gas?

Howard claims his dog farts “louder than any human” he’s ever heard, but we’re not sure these aren’t human sounds. Hmm…

We’ll assume they are actually dog toots, because one of the many truths dog owners must accept is that their precious little pooch has the potential to produce Silent But Deadly™ farts.

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So, now that we’ve called out canine flatulence, let’s address Howard and his doggie dilemma. Why not give little Poopsie a gas pill, switch up his diet, or take him to the nearest vet to address this unpleasant gastrointestinal issue ASAP?! As awesome as dogs are, no one wants their peace and quiet constantly interrupted by the godawful sounds (and possibly smells) that we heard in this 45-second fart compilation.

OMG! What in the world is going here? Can we get a veterinarian to weigh in? This cannot be comfortable for Howard or his dog (or the doggie’s stomach, sheesh). We’re legitimately cringing for all parties involved.

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So, it’s a known fact that dogs can totally read your face, but if we had to guess what’s going through this gassy canine’s mind, we’d bet some hard-earned money (and a fistful of premium doggie treats) that he is BEYOND embarrassed by this condition.

Like, no dog wants to meet friends in the doggie park and have to deal with these type of outbursts. And inviting company over for dinner?! FORGET ABOUT IT.

In addition to a bunch of suspicious Twitter commenters, we were relieved to see that a dog and cat food company reached out with a helping hand.

For his doggie’s sake, we sure hope Howard accepts their assistance, unless of course, he’s the one who actually has the condition.