These dogs did the mannequin challenge and THEY WIN

You thought you’d seen some good mannequin challenge videos, but you were WRONG. Hamilton Cast in the Hammequin Challenge? Nope. Some four-year-olds attempting it? Nope. Britney Spears and her dancers? Nah.

If you haven’t seen these pit bulls mannequin-ing with bacon on their faces, you haven’t seen anything.

One stands at the fridge. We’ll call him Tito. One’s at the sink doing dishes. Let’s call her Primo. Another’s loading bacon into the oven. His name’s Cash. (We don’t know if we have their sexes or names right, but go with it.)

Next, Cash lays stoically on the floor, with bacon all over his face. And his paws. And, OH, SH*T, his back! A veritable Stegosaurus of Bacon! false

Then, Cash changes a baby’s diaper, while Primo plays video games and Tito smokes a cigar and reads the paper, just a regular old family like any old family.

Now Cash is taking the baby out for a stroll, while Primo lounges in hand-crocheted lingerie and Tito gets stuck with the laundry. (Typical Tito.)

Cash and Tito take a little street time, wearing all that bling.

But now they’re paying for it, with bacon on their faces. #sucks. false

S’alright. Cash is gonna take a shower, Tito brushes his teeth, Primo uses the john.

And now they’re going to bed, like, “Leave us alone, we done.” false

Okay, Tito, Primo, and Cash (or whatever your names are), you are the official Mannequin Challenge Masters. We bow down to you.