These dogs who love playing in water fountains is doing life right

Dogs know how to live life right. From their naturally positive outlook, to their totally loving spirit, to their ability to play anywhere and with almost anyone, they’re basically totally adorable, furry, four-legged versions of our best selves. And watching this video compilation of a bunch of dogs happily playing in water fountains is not only heart-meltingly adorable, but it’s also a reminder for us to find more enjoyment out of the little things in life.


For over two minutes, you get to watch this overwhelmingly cute creatures attack some unsuspecting water fountains. And it’s even more entertaining as thank you could imagine. I mean, watch this ball of fluff that put on a show with a beautiful public fountain and you’ll know what it is to feel pure bliss.


Most of the dogs seem to be enjoying the heck out of trying to gather all the water they can at every fountain. Often they get so into it, they’ll start barking at the fountain itself and you’ll suddenly realize your tearing up because sometimes life is so cute you can’t even handle.


One of the coolest parts of the video is that not a word is said (except for some of the cooing sounds heard from the dog’s owners), yet their message of being playful and happy is heard loud and clear.

You won’t regret the couple minutes you spend watching this charmingly sweet video (even if you spend several sets of a couple minutes because you can’t stop clicking “Play Again”).