This dog loves watching “Planet Earth,” and to be honest, we totally get it

Recent stats show the average American spends five hours a day in front of the boob tube, so much that the term “boob tube” is actually in the dictionary. Let that marinate for a sec. Anyway, after stumbling upon this adorable dog with an obsession for watching TV, we’re expecting a stat on how much TV dogs consume any day now, because one of our most prominent human habits appears to have rubbed off on the furry creatures. As for Heidi the dog, an adorable internet famous pooch, she loves nothing more than watching the BBC’s Planet Earth after a long walk.

It’s unclear whether she’s attracted to Sir David Attenborough’s narration or if she just really loves the anticipation of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat.

Either way, Heidi is probably the hugest Planet Earth fangirl we’ve seen, and we totally relate to her enthusiasm. She’s so pumped to watch the series that she even has a hilarious pre-show ritual.

We’re pretty sure she would jump at the chance to have her own Planet Earth segment, but for now Heidi seems just fine with watching on Netflix.

Apparently, people love watching Heidi watch TV as much as she loves watching TV because some of the Reddit commenters put in requests for a longer video than a previously shared clip.

After viewing the most recent one, they still seemed a little peeved that her human didn’t upload a video of the doggie watching the entire episode.

Soo, that could only mean one thing: We need a channel specifically called Humans Watching Dogs Watching TV. Someone should probably make that happen ASAP.