18 dogs who are straight chillin’ in their kiddie pools

This post was written by Lindsey Robertson on The Dodo.

1. “Finally! I can work on my summer tan!”

Reddit: Deux001

2. “Sorry, this is a members-only pool. Which means only I’M allowed.”

Reddit: Funsonian

3. “This is DEFINITELY the best way to cool off.”

Reddit: havoc0865

4. “So long, Winter! Can’t say I’ll miss you!”

Reddit: BigRedRatchet

5. “Floaties + buddies = Spring Break heaven.”

Reddit: ladycoleopterist

6. “Ugh! I’ve just been NEEDING some Me Time, ya know?”


7. “A shower AND a pool? Is this real life??”


8. “No, this pool is definitely not for kids. This pool is for dogs.”

Reddit: LunaGlow

9. “Um, I ordered a daiquiri like AN HOUR ago … ?”


10. “I feel like a glorious, furry mermaid!”

Reddit: Mommaween

11. “Wish there was enough room for the two of us, Human, but, oh well … “

Reddit: marshmellow_madness

12. “No. You may not enter my private grotto.”


13. “Hello, welcome to mah bucket pool!”

Reddit: valkyrja9

14. “THIS. This is the life.”

Reddit: mightychicken

15. “The pool is an excellent place for quiet contemplation.”

Reddit: any_other

16. “I’m a bathing beauty!!”

Reddit: momotzin

17. “That’s OK. I only needed my bottom to be cool, anyway.”

Reddit: Kawihal

18. “Safety first.”

Reddit: Sephronar

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