Watching these dogs get their bangs trimmed will bring you so much relief

Because work and other responsibilities are currently standing in the way of our plans to get pampered to the max, we’re left no choice but to live vicariously through this Super Deluxe video of dogs getting their bangs trimmed. Oh, and whaddya know, it’s in slow motion so that we can fully appreciate these pooches’ reactions to every single snip.

C’mon, share in our enthusiasm! Don’t pretend like you’ve never salivated over the thought of getting a new hairstyle. Post-haircut emotions are actually real and can be clearly seen on the mugs of these dogs that really need new cuts.

Look at these before and after shots, and tell us this dog’s life doesn’t appear to be infinitely better with those fresh, new bangs.


So, you’re probably wondering how the hell someone can be so pumped to watch what sounds like a fur-and-spittle flying frenzy just waiting to happen, but this vid is anything but. There’s something supremely gratifying about watching another creature indulge in some well-deserved R&R. It feels really good, as if we’re the ones experiencing it. Except if it were us, we’re pretty sure there’d be a couple bottles of dog wine somewhere on the premises.

Ah, well. Despite the absence of booze, we’re *so* hair for this video:

Wow! We feel so relieved for these dogs. Not only do they have fab new bangs, but they have an unobstructed view of the world around them. Now that they can actually see, they’ll probably be spending a ton of time admiring their gorgeous faces and hairstyles in the mirror.