Here are the adorable dogs featured in this year’s Puppy Bowl, because this is something you need to know

With the Super Bowl around the corner, there’s one real question on everyone’s mind: What are all the details about the upcoming Puppy Bowl? You don’t need to be a football fan to enjoy the gloriousness that is the Puppy Bowl.  Dog and cat lovers alike can take a much-needed break from real life and just watch adorable dogs play together.

And now we can see the lineup of the upcoming comPETitors for this year’s big show.

As always, all of these featured furry creatures are up for adoption. And we’re sure there’s no problem finding them good homes after their incredible national debut.

Like this dog, Alexander Hamilpup, who we imagine Lin-Manuel Miranda will likely be rooting for.


The entire 39-dog starting lineup is available on Animal Planet’s website. Along with a bunch of behind-the-scenes amazing videos.

From the looks of it, Puppy Bowl XIII is shaping up to be one of the most epic (and adorable) sporting events yet.

We’re sure it’ll be filled with all sorts of memorable moments, like there are every year.

These beautiful pups all look like they’re ready to get in on the action.

Animal Planet’s website actually features individual profiles of each of the dogs.

The serious announcer describing the background and motivation of each of the dogs involved is the most heartwarming (and hilarious) thing you’ll ever hear. Though, fair warning, it’s hard to only watch one or two. Once you start, you really can’t stop.

Each animal’s unique story make us really excited to see them in action.

Just the profiles alone have us wanting to squeeze each and every one of them. Puppy Bowl XIII will take place on Animal Planet on Sunday, February 5 starting at 12 PST/3 EST.

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