13 of the cutest dogs dressed like turkeys because this is something you need to see

There are so many amazing things about the Thanksgiving season: the food, for one! We also love the chance to spend time with family, walk through the crunchy, colorful leaves and, most of all, look at adorable photos of dogs dressed up like turkeys.

People celebrate differently all over the world, but here at HelloGiggles turkey-dogs are one of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions.

After all, what could be cuter than your already adorable furry friend running around in the perfect seasonal outfit?

If you’re just not feeling into all of that QT with the relatives, or if cranberry sauce isn’t your style, then indulge in this fall find instead: the best pictures of dogs dressed up as turkeys that Instagram has to offer.

There’s this embarrassed little gal hiding her face.

Here’s a tiny guy ready for some mashed potatoes.


This techno-savvy turkey has a modern-day Snapchat take.

You’ve never seen a fluffier turkey than this.


How debonair is this turkey-dog?

We’re grateful for his smile!

This turkey-dog is leading the charge.

He’s celebrating Thanksgiving and football season.

This dog knows how to work a tail.

If you’re an artistic owner, you might do a turkey-dog like this.

Not everyone is happy about the season.


This blue-eyed beauty has our hearts.


And the award for most fashionable turkey-dog around goes to…


If this doesn’t make you feel grateful for the season, we just don’t know what will.


Want a turkey dog of your very own? Then grab a turkey costume like this one on Amazon — dog not included.

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