Watch these obedient dogs climb the stairs only after hearing their names called

Convincing animals to follow orders takes some special skill and patience, especially because they’re generally focused on playing, cuddling, or sleeping. Just living the life, ya know? Anyway, our hats are off to the person who trained these obedient dogs to climb stairs after hearing their names called.

If you’ve ever seen puppies learning to climb stairs, you’ll understand that navigating the steps with four legs and a tail is no easy feat. Plus stairs can be bad on some dogs’ hips, so we really can’t blame them if they prefer to hang out in a room under the stairs rather than climb them.

Besides, staircases were designed to accommodate humans, but sometimes we even struggle to use them properly.

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In other cases, some thrill-seeking humans don’t use stairs the way they were intended (unruly kids, extreme bike riders and skateboarders, we’re lookin’ at you), but these 10 pooches running up the steps with authority are the official Dog Stair Masters.

Seriously, someone should name an exercise machine after them because they have it down to a science. That’s gonna be one hell of a name, though. Watch Delilah, Asher, Jinx, Mayhem, Chaos, Karma, Destiny, Kizzy, Siri, and Treble patiently wait their turn to bound up the stairs.

So, we enjoyed watching that WAY too much. Is there some psychological reason why seeing these disciplined dogs in action felt so satisfying? We honestly have no idea why, but if those die-hard pimple popping video watchers don’t have to explain themselves, neither do we.