Rose the dog has truly incredible balloon skills

Remember the balloon game we all played when we were kids? You know, the one where you keep tapping the balloon to keep it airborne and prevent it from touching the ground. Because the floor is hot lava. Obvs.

Well, it turns out that game is a wee bit more universal than we thought. As in, dogs play it. Who knew, right? What’s next? Doggy four square? Doggy hide-and-seek? Oh, wait. My dogs actually play that already. Only in my house, it’s called bath time. But I digress . . .

Rose the Boston terrier is an ace at the balloon game. She shows off her serious balloon skills in a video posted to YouTube a few days ago. And you guys, she really throws herself into it. Literally. With her whole body. I mean, put your eyeballs on this picture. It legit looks like she’s flying.

Wow. Just wow. At one point she flips.

Way to get after it, Rose. This dog is not messing around. She’s not going to let a pesky thing like a porch or even a few stairs stop her, either. She just bounces off anything that’s in her way, effectively turning a simple balloon game into hardcore doggy parkour.

Rose: 1. Balloon: 0.

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[Images and video via YouTube]