Get ready to cry as this beautiful doggie is rescued 9 days after the Italy quake

In the wake of Italy’s massive 6.2 magnitude earthquake that left many people’s lives destroyed — we all need something to smile about. Luckily, a beautiful Golden Retriever named Romeo was found and rescued from the rubble nine days after his owner’s home collapsed. Get ready to bust out some tissues!

Just look at that dog! Romeo is a perfect name for him since he is clearly a total lover.


This news is wonderful for both the people of Italy who needed a little pick me up after the tragedy and to people like us who just love to see dogs healthy and happy.

Romeo is doing well and his owner must be so relieved to have him back in his life.


Hopefully more positive stories like this come out soon and help inspire the people affected by this tragic earthquake to rebuild their lives and reunite with each other. Until then, we’ll just be over hear re-watching the video and sobbing into a pile of tissues because life is beautiful.