This is the hottest new haircut trend. . .for dogs

When we think about dogs, we don’t usually think about geometric shapes. But, that’s the new trend happening in Taiwan, where dogs are having their fur and hair cut into perfectly square and round style configurations. It’s a little bit weird, but then you study it for a few minutes it suddenly becomes insanely adorable. See for yourselves:

These haircuts clearly won’t work with all dogs, especially those with short or even coarse fur/hair. But for dogs like poodles, shih tzus, and pomeranians, this is the new, hot look for spring. According to RocketNews, this new grooming trend is all about social media. Apparently, a dog with a neatly groomed (and square) haircut usually gets more “likes” than a dog with messy bed head. #WokeUpLikeThis . . . not quite.

What do you guys think? Is this doggie trend just totally bizarre, or absolutely adorable? Personally, I could look at pictures of dogs all day, so I say bring on the cute dogs with square haircuts. But when I consulted my own little fluffy dog about a new haircut, she yawned a little bit, and went back to snuggling with her toys on the couch. I’ll see if I can coax her into this newest trend with a surplus of treats.

All images via here.