Dog owners better prove their love with reservations for this three-course doggie brunch

Brunch is always great, but have you ever gone out and very much enjoyed your meal, but felt less enthusiastic about your table mates? As your girlfriends complain once again about the over-crowded fridge at their work, do you ever secretly tune them out and wish you were actually sitting at brunch with your dog?

In London, that’s almost a thing, and brunch might never be the same again.

Starting April 27th, the Chelsea eatery Bluebird will serve a three-course “Bites and Bones Pop-Up” brunch menu. “We do love our pet pooches in Chelsea, so why shouldn’t our favorite friends enjoy the same kind of pleasures in life as we do?” the restaurant asks on their website.

To provide this pleasurable gastronomic experience, Bluebird encourages dog-owners to “bring your beloved pet pooch to our courtyard and treat them to a real ‘Michelin-star’ style doggy dining experience with three course set menu for dogs and even’Pooch Hooch’ doggy beer!”

So what’s on the menu? Puppies who brunch will receive a first course of venison sausage, beefy brown rice, and beef broth. The second course is a chicken and lamb “Barkenberg” loaf with a sweet potato. And as no proper meal culminates without dessert, the final course is a peanut butter macaroon filled with “doggy gelato.” But that’s not all, following brunch, there’s “exciting activities like doggy disco and workshops that will get everyone excited.”

While it all sounds utterly paw-fect, you better clear your dog’s calendar fast! “Bites and Bones Pop-Up” brunch runs only through May 1st, as it is a promotional event in partnership with Pet Pavilion, a London-based pet supply and grooming company.