This dog spent 3 years learning to smile, and good doggo

Yes, most dogs can sit and shake. But can your dog smile on command? Meet Griffin, a Dalmatian who spent three years learning how to smile. Human Rachel Ebel shared Griffin’s accomplishment on Reddit, and her pup is now on his way to becoming internet famous.

Ebel, a photographer in South Dakota, spoke to Mashable about the training process.

"He loves learning new tricks though, and is always very eager to show them off," Ebel said. "And as a photographer, I thought it'd be especially fitting to have a dog that could 'smile' for the camera."

Fitting, and super cute. Griffin is a natural in front of the camera.

Throughout his upbringing, Ebel made a point to praise Griffin any time he unknowingly flashed a smile. It took him a while to catch on, but just recently Griffin has started to smile a lot. Ebel then realized that his training was complete.

Her little pup was all grown up and very happy about it.

Since Ebel posted her pic of Griffin on Reddit two days ago, it’s gotten a lot of traction — including being upvoted just under 20,000 times.

Reddit user nochoiceforBilly commented on the photo, saying, “This is like the scene in Terminator 2 where John Connor is trying to teach the Terminator how to smile.”

Honestly, they’re not wrong.

Ebel told Mashable that she realizes Griffin’s smile can be a little creepy if you’re not quite sure what he’s up to.

"It's definitely a face that causes some strong reactions," she said. "Most find it hilarious, but I suspect a few are low-key terrified."

We’re in the camp who thinks Griffin has a pretty hilarious shtick going for him. We can’t wait to see more of his pearly whites in the future.

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