Dog wine is now a thing, so you never have to drink alone again!

One of our favorite ways to spend a low-key Friday night is with Netflix, a good bottle of Malbec and your puppy best friend. But we always felt a little sad because Pickles was stuck with plain old water, while we were enjoying a good wine buzz while watching reruns of Gilmore Girls. But don’t worry, your pup will suffer no more.

Now, there’s non-alcoholic dog wine that can keep your pet from feeling left out.

We’ve already given you all the deets on the cat wine that was recently developed by the same company. The wine is basically liquid catnip with beet juice for color. And they’ve got fabulous pun names like MosCATto and Pinot Meow!

Now Apollo Peak is making a similar wine for dogs, and our furry friends are jumping for joy!

So far, the wine is available in both a red and a white, named ZinfanTAIL and CharDOGnay. Both alcohol and grapes are bad for dogs, so they are made with chamomile and mint to calm your dog down, although you’ll want to check with your vet to make sure your pup isn’t allergic to the chamomile family of plants. Similar to the cat wine, the wines are dyed with beets to give them that wine color.

Soon, your dogs will be craving wine harder than you!

You can pre-order your dog wine from Apollo Peak. It comes in 12 oz. bottles for $17.95, so it’s a little pricier than your typical Two Buck Chuck.

Just don’t let them drink too much, or in the morning you’ll find them like this.

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