The newest dog whisperer on the scene is (wait for it) a cat

Anyone who has ever been the owner of a yappy dog (or, let’s be real, been within a mile radius of a loud pup) knows that the constant barking/growling/whining/everything-ing is no joke.

As Time reports, YouTube used Devon Meadows and his wife were worried about their dog Chazz’s volume level, and so they set up a video camera in their house to figure out what was going on. The couple was basically just trying to identify the problem, but when they watched the footage back, they found they had stumbled upon the solution. Apparently their cat Greyscale (please be a GOT reference, please, please) has the magical ability to calm Chazz down with one leap and look.

Not only does Chazz totally shut his trap when Greyscale jumps on the bed with him, he also sits like a good boy! And the he proceeds to sit every time Greyscale looks at him for the rest of the video. Eventually Greyscale wanders away (because, cats) but Chazz sits silently for the rest of the vid.

This is why cats win the internet every time.

Check out the magic below.


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Image via YouTube