The Internet is having a meltdown over how a dog should wear pants

It’s not that hard to start a fight on the Internet. I’ve watched people fight each other over Twitter, tumblr, reddit, not even realizing that they were on the same side of an argument. And remember that time when everyone fought over the color of a dress?  Or this Starbucks Cup? Or this pic of a girl jumping in the pool (or already underwater)? Well, the Internet’s newest freak out is over something much, much sillier. The way a dog would wear pants if dogs wore pants.

The image was originally created by an admin of the Facebook page “Utopian Raspberry – Modern Oasis Machine,” aka, UR MOM. Then the image was shared on Twitter by Maxim Editor Jared Keller. Keller also wrote an article for Maxim about the viral tweet and image, and was able to track down the original creator and ask him about the mind blowing, question positing image.

Keller’s interview with “Norbert,” a nineteen-year old Belgian student and the original image creator and a Facebook admin for UR MOM,  took place over Facebook messenger.  “I created it last night at about 2 or 3 am. I saw some dogs wearing pants, and I thought about how they don’t really have arms so their pants should technically go on every leg. I just tried both versions. I honestly didn’t expect it to become so popular. I’m just glad people found it entertaining.”

Oh, people definitely found it entertaining. They also had a lot of strong opinions about which way the dog would wear pants. The conversation is now even taking place on Tumblr and Reddit, and Twitter.

The original tweet now has over 31,000 likes and 27,000 retweets, which is bananas. Don’t worry though. If you have a strong opinion too, Keller created a poll so that everyone’s opinion could be heard, and not just lost in the insane amount of replies he is receiving.  

Most people seem to think that dogs would only wear pants on their hind legs, but this well thought out response on Reddit ends the whole discussion. But let’s be real — the second option just looks better. Case closed!

(Images via Twitter)