This dog waits for his human to get off the school bus everyday even though she’s been away at college for months — just more proof that dogs are too good for us

Carly Dunn left for college months ago – but her dog still hasn’t stopped waiting for her to get off the school bus every day.

Dunn, 18. tweeted a screenshot of a text she’d received, showing her dog Bo waiting by the window.

Bo associates the loud sound of the bus with Dunn's daily return home from school, she explained. Even after a semester, he still waits by the window after hearing the noise.

“He’s so cute, like any time I leave the house, he gets so sad,” Dunn told HuffPost. “And when I walk upstairs to go to my room he looks at me like I’m giving him for adoption and watches me walk all the way into my room. My parents said that after I go in my room he runs over to them and gets depressed.” false

The incredibly heartwarming (and heartbreaking???) post has been retweeted more than 22,000 times and liked more than 56,000 times.

After Carly’s finals are over on December 8th, she says she’ll be heading home for the holidays. We know Bo will be patiently waiting for her.

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