Close out 2015 with this video of a dog joyfully unwrapping its owner

2015 was, by all accounts, of a rollercoaster year. Amazing things happened, like the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage; some terrible things happened too, like the continued legislative push to defund and discredit women’s reproductive health. But before we all set sail into 2016, let’s close the year off right with something unequivocally delightful: A video of a dog unwrapping its gift-wrapped owner.

Look, sometimes the world will get you down, which is why our canine companions are more important than ever. Just look at this little pup and the way it hurtles straightforward into the challenge of unwrapping its owner! Cast aside your cynicism and bask in the unadulterated affection it gives its owner, who’s as delighted to be unwrapped as the pup is to do the unwrapping! Oh, our hearts hurt — and it’s not from all those sugar cookies we’ve been eating.

Watch the video below, and go pet your or your friend’s dogs for good measure. In tough times, it’s the little things that get us through:

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