This dog turning off a Roomba has zero sympathy for the human housework struggle

When it comes to the lengths to which humans will go to avoid doing our own housework, this dog that keeps turning off a Roomba has zero sympathy for the struggle.

In the YouTube video, an adorable dog named Chester makes his disdain for the Roomba quite obvious by turning off the vacuuming robot again and again, even after his human repeatedly (and kindly) asks him not to.

Despite the animal’s refusal to comply, we’re going to give Chester the benefit of the doubt in assuming that he’s an otherwise obedient dog that’s just having an off day. We all have our less-than-tolerant moments where obnoxious robot noises are the last things we want to hear, so we totally feel your frustrations, Chester.

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No matter how many times this defiant canine hears the words, “Leave Roomba on, Chester,” he simply CANNOT with this annoying robot. He roams around the living room, pausing to glare at the camera with a droopy-eyed look of feigned dog innocence. Chester even stalls by worming his way in between the furniture and pretending to go up the stairs, until, UGH, he just can’t take it anymore.

From that point, it’s an ongoing battle between this dog’s sanity or the whizzing sound of the godforsaken Roomba. Spoiler alert: The Roomba goes down in flames in back-to-back losses.

LOL. We happen to think dogs are generally cooperative roomies, but observing this hilarious showdown between Chester and the Roomba shows us that even canines have their limits.