This dog tries to eat a lime, has the best grossed-out reaction ever

We’ve seen adorable and hilarious videos of babies trying limes for the first time, but this video of a boxer licking one that he finds at the beach might take the cake. Topper the boxer puppy is playing at the beach with his owner when he starts to get curious about a lime he finds in the sand (perhaps from a long-abandoned margarita?) His post-tasting reaction  is hysterical.

Topper starts by sniffing the lime, but then when he gets a little lick, he rears up and starts pouncing on his front paws. He pretty much looks like he’s head-banging at a Metallica concert. Is he trying to bury the lime so that henceforth no one will have to deal with the offending taste. The owner is understandably cracking up. Let’s be real, ALL of us our cracking up at this point.

Basically Topper is me and the lime is Monday morning. Thanks Reddit for bringing our attention to this must-see video. Check out the vid and try not to laugh out loud from all the cuteness:

Important note: A lot of commenters made called out the owner for letting Topper lick the lime. Are limes really bad for your dog? Yes, citrus aurantifolia can be toxic for dogs, but if a dog just licks a lime or eats a small amount, they will typically be okay. It seems like Topper was well supervised by his owner and was having fun being a curious puppy.

Topper’s owner, Claire Moore, responded to commenters on the YouTube video criticizing her doggy-parenting by saying, “[Topper] was not tortured. He was playing in the sand like puppies tend to do and found a lime and started going crazy. He does it with other toys as well. He is a year old now and happier than ever.”

Now excuse me while I hit replay on this adorable video 10 more times. Keep on rocking, Topper!

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