Dog wanders into professional soccer match for belly rubs, video is everything

There’s a reason why so many of us love dogs. They’re loyal, cute and cuddly, and they can even provide emotional support to people with mental health disorders. And while dogs are adorable pretty much all of the time, dogs running onto sports fields might just become your new favorite subcategory of doggo.

The latest instance of a dog finding its way into such a debacle happened on Sunday, October 7th, when a stray dog moseyed onto the field during a soccer match between FC Dila and Torpedo Kutaisi in Gori, a city in eastern Georgia.

In a video captured from the moment, an energetic black dog can be seen running onto the field, running from player to player, and ultimately lying on his back for some belly rubs. Sadly, the goalkeeper didn’t oblige, but the dog seemed like it was having a good ol’ time anyway.

What’s that you say? You need more videos of adorable animals wandering into public arenas. We got you.

Check out this dog wandering onto the grass during a 2016 football game.

Or this husky casually rolling into a baseball game.

And finally, this doggo who JUST WANTS THE BALL.

Okay, can every sports game feature an adorable animal? Seriously asking.

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