So fetch! You can Airbnb this dog-shaped house

Have the dog days of summer got you down? If so, maybe it’s time to take a little vacay to rural Idaho, where you can spend the night inside a building shaped like a giant beagle.

The Dog Bark Park Inn B&B, now listed on Airbnb, sleeps 4 and has two bathrooms. It also comes equipped with air conditioning, and the nightly rate of $98 includes breakfast. Plus, right next door is a visitor center and artist studio where, according to the Dog Bark Park Inn’s Airbnb page, “owners Dennis and Frances fashion canine carvings by chainsaw.” Whoa.

The doghouse is even listed as pet friendly. (Because of course it is.) “Responsible dogs who arrive with their well-behaved humans are welcome to stay with advance reservations.” Which basically means your dog can sleep inside another dog, like a puppy nesting doll. Seriously, is this real life?

Indeed it is. And guess what? The doghouse B&B isn’t the only animal-shaped structure out there. So if you’re not exactly a dog person, don’t feel left out. You could always go check out one of these rad buildings instead:

Kindergarten Wolfartsweier in Karlsruhe, Germany

It’s a Kindergarten school. Shaped like a cat. Look, it even has whiskers! Why couldn’t I have gone to Kindergarten in Germany? Whyyyyy?

The Big Duck in Flanders, New York

In 1931, a duck farmer hired some Broadway set designers to build a giant duck-shaped building, in which he sold ducks and duck eggs. Now it’s even listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

“Hey, where’d you buy that duck?” “Inside another duck. Duh.”

Giant Koala in Dadswell Bridge, Australia

Crickey, that’s a big koala. This cool building is part of a tourist complex in Australia where you can eat lunch, shop for souveniers and hug real, live, normal-sized koalas.

Lucy the Elephant in Margate City, New Jersey

Like the duck building, Lucy the Elephant is also a historic landmark. She’s six stories tall, and she’s been around since 1881. Since that time, Lucy’s been just about everything—a hotel, a tavern, a restaurant and an office. Because who wouldn’t want to go to work everyday inside an elephant?

Cabazon Dinosaurs in Cabazon, California

I know. It looks like something out of Jurassic World, doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s just an ordinary roadside gift shop…that happens to be in the belly of a Brontosaurus.

Corrugated Creations in Tirau, New Zealand

Okay, New Zealand wins all the prizes because they’ve got two animal-shaped buildings right next door to one another—a sheep and (what else?) a sheep dog. If the sheep building starts to wander off, the sheep dog building nips at its heels and keeps it in line. Or something like that.

Brb, you guys. About to go spend the night in a dog.

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